Room 10

The walls in this room are covered in murals. These appear to be in much better shape, though you still see some places that have been scribbled or scratched out and other, much cruder drawings have been made. The wall directly opposite the room depicts a enormous battle between humans and what appear to be humanoids with greenish skin, glistening with slime. The creature’s head looks like an octopus with four tentacles, accompanied by a pair of bloated white eyes. In one part of the mural, one of these creatures has dug its 4 inch long claws into a human. In another part of the mural, a creature stands in front of several humans, who are holding their hands to their ears with a look of abject horror and pain on their face. One of them appears to have had his head blown apart, though there is no sign of any physical weapon that could have caused it. Everywhere you look on the mural, the humans are being destroyed by these strange octopus creatures.

Depending on how closely they examine the mural, they may see a crude drawing of the wizard in place of what may have been an illithid.

Other than the door you came in, there is no other door leading out of this room. You see a table on the East wall that has a couple of empty serving trays and a few empty mugs.

There is a secret door that can be detected on a DC 20 search check. In 20 turns, if they have not found the door, a lone goblin bearing trays of stale bread will walk through the secret door. He will panic and call for the guards if he sees the PCs.

Room 9
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Room 10

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